Welcome to my blog. It’s an eclectic mix of stuff I’m interested in – i.e. nerdy stuff. But you have to think also that it’s “old guy” nerdy stuff.


Frankly, even though I’m an old nerd, I probably wouldn’t read this. (How’s that for a come-on?)

On the other hand, I’ve been doing this for a few years, and it turns out a variety of people find at least some of it interesting. If you are a variety of people, you will probably find things of interest yourself.

This is my second time to build a blog. The first one had lots of technical limitations that frustrated me. Now I’m using a WordPress web site and, so far, I’m very happy and haven’t run across anything I couldn’t make happen.

One of the best things is the ability to show just the beginning of a blog entry so you can quickly decide if it’s for you. Not only that, but you can skim through scads of blogs in a hurry to find what you like.

So jump in.

River Watch


This is the time of year that folks back in my old hometown of Geneva, Alabama, keep a close eye on the river level. Most of the severe floods have occurred in March, but April is in second place.

It’s important to keep an eye on the rainfall above Geneva, not just around town. This map clearly shows why. Heavy rain in Dale, Pike, or Barbour counties means trouble for folks who live near the junction of the Pea and Choctawhatchee rivers.Choctawhatchee Watershed

If you’re one of those people, or just have an interest in this sort of thing, take a look at the Advanced Hydrologic Service of the National Weather Service.

Live near a river? They probably have coverage for you, too.

Global Mystery

I think all of my elementary school teachers had a world “globe” map in their rooms. They varied from modest to “not bad” table models. At the library downtown, there was an even bigger one on a floor stand.

I doubt if it was as nice as the one above, but it was a fascinating thing to me.

All of these globes had one feature that was a great mystery. It was almost always in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and it looked like a big, skinny Continue reading

Mysterious Voice

Sometime in the late 50′s I joined the Columbia LP Record Club™. If you’re old enough to remember, you probably belonged, too. It was an exciting way for a kid in the middle of Nowhere, Alabama, to acquire some decent records.

Dave Brubeck, Ray Conniff, Tony Bennett, Ahmad Jamal (no kidding), Bill Evans, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Leonard Bernstein, Eugene Ormandy, Vladimir Horowitz, Arthur Lyman… Continue reading

Autumn Days

I wonder if this photo is a metaphor for the American small town. Are we in the Autumn days of their existence? Heck, it may be late December for most of them.

Driving the state highways will take you through lots of little bergs like this one. Folks can pull up next to each other for a chat without regard to the direction or location of their cars.

It’s so appealing, the notion of living in a place where walking everywhere makes sense, and a long distance voyage would involve a bicycle. Maybe I’m just a sucker for easy sentimentality.

Back in the good ol’ radio days, we broadcast Continue reading


I’ve been fooling around with cameras of all sorts for a long time and the camera built into the iPhone 4 is maybe the most amazing of all. Even more incredible are the apps which extend its capabilities so far.

This is an example of HDR (high dynamic range) photography. By capturing multiple shots at widely ranging exposure levels, and then automatically joining them to cover the full spectrum of light, you get photos that reflect what you saw with your eyes and brain (and emotions).

[be sure to click on the photo for full resolution]

And most incredible of all—you can make calls with this camera!